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Breastmilk is the best possible source of nourishment for your child. Even formula companies agree, flip that box and read!
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Breastfeeding Support

We support breastfeeding mums and families in continuing their breastfeeding journey the way it is meant to be. Painless and bursting with joy!




We aim to educate, support and advocate. We do not choose how you decide to nourish your baby. We support you with breastfeeding if that is the choice you made and share evidence-based information if you are on the fence.

What we do

If you are a medical professional, we will help you support your breastfeeding patients better.
If you know a breast-feeding mother, we help you care for them better.
We are committed to building a society that values a Breastfeeding Dyad (mother and child)

What People Say About Us

Samar Ali Chauhan

Assalam u alaikum… my name is samar ali chauhan… 26yrs old mama… mommy of mashaAllah 3 kids.one day i just scrolling down facebook n found this page which is conducted by hareem sumbul . A generous lady who wants mothers to bf their childs without any problem… 🙂 Personally i dont have any sort of idea about bf as i have no sisters bhabhi in my house n nor in my susraal… so after delivering my first two’s i wasnt pushed by peoples to bfs my child (pointing that k how important to bf a baby or what r the nutritional values n how to bf a child etc etc )… n due to latching issues ,milk flow i was never able to bf my both childs sadly… but after joining this fantastic group iam able to know that what is bf how imp it is,eventhough iam able to knw the terms like latching,colostrum,foremilk hindmilk,positions to bf a baby,ways to give baby milk rather than bottle means it makes a huge difference in my life, n after my third delivery Alhamdulillah by the help of Allah first n then sumbul iam able to bf my daughter mashaAllah… it is tough still but cant be impossible… so .. thankyou so much hareem sumbul for guiding n providing knowledge to us as a consultant without any fees but yes lots of duas to your way sister. Thankyou 🙂

Mahwish Danish

Mom to a 4 months old bundle of joy
I got invited to the group by our very own Hareem Sumbul.
I got in touch with Hareem at a time when i was struggling badly with breast feeding. My son had completely rejected direct breastfeeding and i felt very helpless and defeated. Hareem gave me hope and reassured that we can get this back right. She gave me detailed consultation on call and asked me to follow what she has told for three days. I did just that and my son latched once or twice, which was a huge thing for me. From there on, my son slowly and gradually started accepting milk directly from the breasts and alhamdulillah we never looked back. Hareem is still my go to person for every query related to breastfeeding. What Hareem and this group has given me i think is a chance to experience motherhood in all its beauty, for me breastfeeding’s is a beautiful experience and a way to bond with my child. My journey of motherhood would not have been the same without these wonderful doses of oxytocin i get every time i feed my child.

Nonetheless, I am a breastfeeding advocate for life and i will try to support/educate women around me to the best of my capabilities Insha’Allah.


I am 21 year old mother of a 4 month old baby..

The thing i like about this group is that it is highly motivating…I was on the verge of giving up when I joined this group and a single comment by hareem motivated me soo much that I instantly planned to ebf my baby even though i knew it wont be easy..

I had a difficult journey from the start.. first week was smooth but from the 2nd week i had sore cracked nipples so i tried pumping.. pumping failed for me and i eventually turned to formula… i would only bf him twice or thrice a day due to extremely painful nipples … due to the lack of nursing i developed mestitis..at that time I had zero knowledge about breast feeding and one problem after another caused me to think of leaving bf and completely transferring to formula… but thankfully I saw a post in another group about bf issues and someone recommended this group to the lady.. i joined it and got to know about so many things if i had known earlier i wouldnt have gone through so much struggle… then I posted my queries and was so much motivated by hareem’s answers that I planned there and then that I’ll ebf my baby no matter what happens.. Thankyou so much for creating this amazing group


Umama Waqaas

I love this group because I guess it’s the only group related to breastfeeding, maybe there are others too but I haven’t seen.. hareem is doing an outstanding job , she herself answers every query and take every matter seriously even if it’s a simple query which is the very best thing about this group.

I gave birth to my baby boy two days before ramadan and luckily I found this group in the very first week after giving birth.. I have learned so much from here and I can say that if I am exclusively breastfeeding my child now it’s only because if this group and hareem.. mostly people around me always told me that topping with formula is necessary but through this group I have learned it’s not.. I was giving formula initially one time and I stopped that, hareem made me Believe that my child can ebf.. I tried , I watched live sessions, read posts and Alhamdulillah all went good.. the tip of wet diaper count I learned from here which is very much stress relieving.. I was satisfied because before that I was always thinking whether he’s getting enough milk or not.. and lastly I was told that baby will not gain weight if you’re not top feeding but Alhamdulillah and mashallah my baby is gaining weight and is a healthy child mashaAllah.. Thank you so much group!

Mrs Faseeh

I am a first time mother of a 7 months old baby, n one of the first few members of this group

I don’t like this group but i must say i adore this group obviously because of the admin hareem (words straight from my heart) I had interaction with her for bf problems even prior to this group, she’s so helping and empathetic and compassionate towards breastfeeding mothers that i was overjoyed on foundation of this group and invited as many friends as i can n whenever a new mother approaches me for breastfeeding help, i immediately recommend them this group.

What i learnt from this group is way beyond words Would list few things

It taught me how to be loving and compassionate towards urself and baby while there are lows in your breastfeeding journey,

I learnt how to be encouraging and empathetic towards new mamas who r too vulnerable when they start this journey

Despite being a health professional myself, i learnt so many things about lactation and its science here that i never knew earlier this well and it helped me to tame my journey, Hareem taught me with logics how to keep up my supply while being a working mom, i am able to breastfeed my child 7 months with her guidance and support And hope m pray to continue this till end in shaa Allah

Hareem is a very kind n sweet person, but when there is a issue that prompts a medical professional health she would turn into a strict teacher and this thing is indeed awesome Lots of prayers and best wishes for admins of this group

Indeed this a great place for breastfeeding mamas


I think every breastfeeding mom would love this group. I have been consulting the group and Hareem even before my baby was born and since then I am in love with it.It has the answers to all my queries even without asking.

I have been consulting hareem personally and never posted on the group but she’s the reason my baby took my breasts back. I had massively engorged breasts right after delivery and I used to cry for nights because of the deadly pain and because my baby was unable to latch. She used to suggest me different techniques and the best “reverse pressure softening” did the magic and finally the baby latched and the engorgement went away ✌ ✌ Thank you!!


A mother of a 3 year old and a 4 month old. This group has been a life saver for me since start. I remember the starting days when I used to feed my child for hours sitting in an uncomfortable position, sleep deprived with constant body aches, scrolling through the group reading each post, it was this group that helped me stay focused on breastfeeding my child. I also had the guilt of not being able to feed my first child and tricked into giving her a bottle with the same old “she’s still hungry” sentence but this group made me pay no heed to the sentence with my second child. I love the fact that each minor query was addressed by the group admins with such patience and love that everything just felt better! Thank you for being there for all us Mamas who are struggling! Lots of love and prayers for you



Aoa I’m Saadia. Mother of 3 beautiful daughters, but only able to breastfeed my 3rd one (3month old) Allhamdulillah ❤ .

I learn a lot from this group. Most imp the power n support to continue breastfeed. As I’m a c sectional mom too.

I have zero support in term of breastfeeding in my family read in laws.  But thank u Allah tallah this time my husband my sisters n this beautiful group helps me n support me n encourage to continue with BF. And the best part is this if any mom is not able to feed because of any reason, hareem support her and do not discourage her. ❤ ❤ … Best wishes for the group n prayers for hareem.

Aiman Kashif

Aslamalikum I Am Aiman Kashif.. 25 years old. mother ov 2 year twinies and a 3 month baby boy m New here… I saw Hareem’s commet in another group when she was talking about bf.. i found that really helpful so i came to knw this group.from there . since then i learnd alot.. trust me this actully means LEARNED ALOT..i was struggling hard for lactation and this group helped me to learn alot abt that.. me ny apna concern yahan post kia and hareem dealt it very nicely.. actually meri milk supply drasticlly kam ho ri the and hareem told me the reason of that yes that was true i was not pumping milk 8-12 times.. i was thinking to take medicne to increase my supply but thx thx thx to admin ov this group jinhon ny guide kia k no medinces they r not helpful at all.. although m not totally sucesful in getting my supply back but trust me it incresd …

thought i m not producing enough supply so i started giving him formula with bf.. but now i came to knw now that wat is clusterfeeding.. how wrong i was… hareem just tips nae wo logic b clear krtin hain hr cheez ka and that’s the best thing..

Hareem wat i can say is that u r really doing a great job..

Allah pak is ka ap ko ajar dy..
q k ap really ladies ko bht motivate kr ri hain ap ki wajha sy realize hwa k how importnt n simple breastfeefing is..
u don’t make people panic..
Best Wishes for you..
May u get Ajar of this..
Ameen thanks Alot

Farah Ahsan

Its really genuine and honest support group. It really makes the effort for its members to continue breastfeeding and Hareem takes personal interest in responding to queries in detail which is amazing. You really feel that you are important and your issue is as important to them as it is to you. I have never seen any post going ignored

I was so unsure whether ill be able to feed or not and because I work and also manage my home independently. Breastfeeding always seemed impossible but this group and Hareem’s guidance has really got me going and I love Breastfeeding my baby now..I would really owe to this group for continuing my Breastfeeding journey

Dania Nomani

Mother of a 4 month old

I like this group because it has provided me aloooot of information about breastfeeding as didn’t know anything about it.. All i knew was a little information and so many myths.. And i referred this group to several friends because it is providing so much information..

After joining this group i surely have improved my breastfeeding journey.. I learned about how to handle a baby who is rejecting feed, dream feed, wet diapers count, water intake, about electric and manual pumps, storing breast milk, how to increase feed, and much much more..

Hareem Sumbul is doing such a great job.. This is sadqa e jaria for sure.. INSHAA ALLAH u’ll get reward for this ❤

Quratulain Wasiq

I love this group LB, EY N support group because it helped me a lot or still helping.. The major thing is it is the only only only platform/source in my life who is providing all informations regarding BF and free of cost. I have never knew that BF is gold before knowing u and joining this group.

Ahhhhh it’s a long story, im a first time mom, a working lady as well(lecturer of chemistry). Even Before wedding i decided to breastfeed my kids because my mom is a breast cancer survivar and she always told us that she couldn’t breastfed us kids because she has inverted nipples. So after marriage, got pregnant soon, but near to delivery my MIL gave me a manual pump, she said as u r working it will help u. Aftr giving birth via c section i started breastfeed my child who was also low birth weight.. I was so kuch depressed, and then my SIL gifted me an avent pump, i had a vry good supply even my shirts remained wet all the time but my baby faced trouble latching and i had no idea of anything because no one guided. Even my mom said he will not latch because u have inverted nipples too. Everyone was pushing me to start pumping except my child’s pediatrician and my husband.. They always said try try try. Every one said u have a good supply but no one told me that it will eventually end if I. WILL. NOT. EBF. MY. CHILD.

sso i started top feed too because actually no one can exclusively breastfeed a baby. At the end of 3 months of my baby my milk supply got so much low like it was on the ratio of 10/90 in bf/top feed then i met Hareem in some other group. We talked on messenger u asked me to pump at least 8 times, skin to skin time and sooji rub. I started doing all this it was very difficult because my baby didn’t know anything of latching he cried always and mostly i cried too..
But i remained persistent i start to drink A. LOT. OF WATER. started pumping every time like literally every time during cooking before bed time, after bedtime during midnite and what not…
But i doesn’t happen like within a day, it took me 3 months to get it on a ratio of 70/30 in bf/top feed..
It’s a huge huge huge success and satisfaction for me.. I’m so happy so satisfied so calm. My baby is 6mo and i want to continue this journey till 2 years inshAllah.

So thanx a lot to this group for whatever u r doing. Allah will reward you with best of everything Insha ALLAH.


Mom of 8.5month old baby and expecting one more Inn Sha Allah

I just recently join this group and in love with this group because HareemSumbul is a gem and her prompt response to our queries is amazing.

By joining this group i got to learn so much about breastfeeding that now i have made my mind that i will ebf my expected baby and will give express milk to my first one as she was on combination feed till 5 months and now is on formula. My bad as i was new to breastfeeding and didnt know much about it. But now i have made my mind and will be learning more about it in future also. Be ready hareem as i will be troubling you in future.

Ayesha Nasir

Joined the group a long time ago ..
I love this group because breastfeeding is not a smooth sailing for everyone, I had issues from the start and if it wasn’t for Hareem Sumbul I would have quit a long time back. She kept me motivated and solved each and every trouble.. Every now and then I’m worried so I


Mom of 3 months old! I randomly watched this group while scrolling and wished to join because i’m a new mom and was in search of authentic knowledge for lactation & always wish to only breastfeed my baby because it is agift from nature and is not an easy journey as I’m going through it realizing it’s very hard for every mom but still that love makes us strong and u people making us more stronger sharing the knowledge we never had before literally never heard the terms like cluster feeding, fore milk, hind milk, comfort feeding etc.. Thanking to Allah for giving me the best guidance! & Hareem u r providing us that knowledge and sorting out our issues free of cost! Appreciated much! Thanks bunch!!

Ainee Ammar

mom of 14 month old.again pregnant.its my 2 nd month of pregnancy.i faild to breastfeed my first baby.at that time I don’t know about this group.but now I want to breastfeed my second baby so that I joined this group.wants lot of help from Hareem Sumbul and other mommies.i also learned little bit. inshallah I learnt alot at the end of this pregnancy

Diya Khan

Mom of 2.5months boy. Although not a FTM but I need advices for lactation so I joined this group.

I struggled in nursing by baby.. and I got hareem extremely helpful in this regard.. in first month i had difficult phase with milk supply.. I wanted to feed my baby but supply wasn’t enough haar nai maani.. then got mastitis and without any further delay i contacted hareem and she guided me in every possible way. And allhumdullilah allhumdullilah I’m bf my baby Allhumdullilah

Yusra Manzoor

I like ths group very much.. not because to got the alot of info here but also knew about the myths and very good thing is quick and sure reply on the post BF is litrally a difficult journey for frst tym moms like me.. but ths group motivate us every single tym to continue BF.. 2days ago.. my 2mo baby crying his lungs out. We a are unable to find the cause.. I met the pediatrician and talked about the prblm.. he directly told me not to feed ur child bohat ziada.. and many more extra baten.. then I posted my prblm in ths group and asked hareem about what pediatrician said.. because It ws totally nonsense k feed kam karaen.

Hareem gave me nuskha of rubbing HEENG around my baby navel and gve milk as per demand.. I do same to same and alhamdulillah he is MashAllah fine.. milk supply as per demand.. doing sikhai too.. tha ks alot Hareem Sumbul

Rafia Hussain

I am a ftm of a 24 days baby boy. Throughout my pregnancy i thought that i will deliver vaginally and will bf my child because milk will come naturally after a vaginal delivery but Allah had other plans for me. I delivered via c section and my baby ingested meconium due to which he was kept in the nursery for 2 days and they gave formula feed to him in those two days which broke my heart and i thought that now i can never bf my baby. During those two days in the hospital i came to know about this group from another group and i thought to join it and see if i can get some guidance on how to bf my baby.

This group, specially Hareem and Michelle have been a complete support system for me. I used to ask many stupid questions from them and they would so so calmly answer my queries and guide me through the difficult task of latching my baby. I remember the live session done by Hareem a couple of weeks ago where i continuously asked her many questions and she was so nice and humble to respond to each and every query. She told me to have skin to skin contact with my baby to improve the latching problem and how i should not force my baby to latch on my breast else he will never latch. This tip has been such a life saver. Now my baby latches so easily ma sha Allah ma sha Allah, all thanks to hareem’s guidance.❤ ❤

I am a working woman and will be rejoining my job in September in sha Allah, so i have ordered an electric pump to express and freeze my milk for later use when i will be on job. I will be asking lots of questions again as soon as i get my electric pump. Hope u will again bear with me at that time.

Hareem and Michelle love u to the moon and back. Thank u so so so much for everything. May Allah bless u with His countless blessings in life and Hereafter.


Because no matter what, the group suggests ways for bf. It seems on many posts that now hareem can’t find any way to get back on bf but there she goes like.. about this but I was proved wrong always.

I have learnt and still learning the same positivity towards bf. I mean before joining this group, I was sure in many cases that continuing bfeeding can’t be possible but now I have different ideas to encourage it. Secondly, I was okay with the idea of combination feeding but this baby’s gut response on combination made me clear to go for ebf only

Huma Ahmed

I like LactNation Breastfeeding & EY Nutrition Support Group because they don’t let women down. Because of a few women boosting other women to not give up, other women who newly join the group ALSO join in on motivating each other. This motivation is so important to new moms or moms who are trying to get the best for their babies.

My story is about milk coming in. With my first I had no support or knowledge. I immediately gave up when I saw little to nothing in my pumping session. I learned here that the milk comes in after a few days and those few drops in the beginning are liquid gold colostrum and sufficient for babies at that newborn stage. Now I am 2.5 months postpartum and feel like a pro nursing and pumping. Not having to give formula feels amazing. Thanks to all the advice that’s provided here!

Urooj Fraz

I have recently joined this group but I love this group because initially i had some issues regarding breastfeeding…my supply was low too and it was quite difficult for me to make my kid habitual of breastfeeding…

I have learnt alot from this group I have went through many posts where I got motivation…thanks to you guys its a big effort that counts..now my baby enjoys bf and supply is enough too

Syeda Mahum

I love this group because it helped me everytime I had any issue,confusion or misconception. Funny thing is everything was new for me even though i was surrounded by mothers through out my pregnancy from number of wet diapers to cluster feeding, comfort feeding, not necessary to burp your baby every single time, fore milk hind milk imbalance, feed on demand, no pumping in first month of your childs life the list is super long.

My baby was colic and ebf from the beginning she used to cry around the clock and I got it confused with low milk supply she used to clusterfeed and I was pressurised and judged by everyone for not giving formula. Only this group gave me the confidence that what I am doing is the best thing for my baby.

Zahra Darbar

The thing I like most about this group is how specific it is to the needs of breastfeeding moms with one single aim in mind: to make breastfeeding easy and enjoyable to all. I now find this group and Hareem to be my go-to person whenever I face a challenging situation with my girl. I have always gotten the most relevant and prompt replies for each of my query and I am so happy to have come across this group

To be really honest, after reading through the files, learning from the comments, and talking to hareem and Michelle directly, I have been so much more confident and persistent with breastfeeding than I was ever before. It has allowed me to see what a beautiful feeling it is to be able to provide the desired nutrients to my little girl. The starting three months have been a great struggle for me and my baby but this group helped me stay strong and determined on what i had to do. I now feel the urge to educate so many more women out there who have been struggling in one way or the other and will be doing so to my utmost capacity.

Maria Iftikhar

I like LacNation breastfeeding and EY nutrition support group because of Hareem. The confidence with which she gives the information counteracts all the doubts instilled in you by people who know less and have bigger mouths and experiences (apparently).

I found this group a bit late. My baby was already over 7 months. I had troubleshooted issues as they came. They came in droves. I cried in guilt for not being enough for weeks, almost gave up every night, cried in pain of injured nipples, dreading when my girl would demand milk and believed i had no milk. I got answers to all my problems but i hit multiple walls for every single one of them. If only it was that easy then, this is exactly what was needed to make my bf journey easier. So I know what a big deal this group can be a to a new mother. I learnt new things here too: measuring diaper output, forceful letdowns (funnily i had that when everyone was saying she is hungry) and most importantly i have learnt about comfort feeding. Comfort feeding isn’t an evil to be avoided at all costs. It’s an ease, beauty, natural and something I have absolutely come to love. The right words matter alot when everyone around you is saying all the wrong ones. I truly am thankful for this group and may you Hareem Sumbul achieve what you r aiming for. JazakAllahu khairan!

Syeda Farea Nabil

Im 33yrs old mother of 3 kids Alhamdulillah. My breast feeding journey is not just a story of success but a story od failures, struggles disappointments, feelings of guilt and what not! All because despite all the efforts i failed to BF my first two kids..! I used to watch dozens of YouTube videos on latching..positions..and what not..i paid close to 90k (pkr equivalent) just to get the right guidance of breast feeding and yet i failed twice!

As the saying goes when you succeed you only know one way of doing something but each time you fail, you know how many ways NOT to do smth..so the 3rd time around i gave myself no room..i made it a do or die situation..”no matter what it takes im going to bf this child”
Things i did differently based on previous failures:

1. Invested in a good pump
2. Made sure no bottle is given in the hospital
3. Made sure baby is brought to me and i nurse within the golden hour
4. Made sure i am.ready to.give a shut up call even to my husband and mother ! Yes cos its the family memebers first abd later the doctors who discourage u to continue bfing. So even before the 3rd was born i was told agaib and again that my less than 2yr old will feel neglected. “New born ko tou koi bhi sambhal lega..tum betay ko ziada time dena”

“Bachi raat ko tang karegi..aik feeder zarur dena”
“Bachi bar bar bhooki hai..pait nhi bhar raha..feeder dedo”
Tumharr neend puri nhi hoti..dusray bachay ke liye time nhi milta..har waqt isko lagaye rakhti ho” The list continued..

But i was so firm.this time i listened to no one…thank god to the lockdown my mothers flight got cancelled too and she stayed to give much needed support to me..
However there were moments i was breaking down…
maybe i cant do this..i bottle fes the first two maybe im not making enough..
maybe im not meant for this..
how can this seemingly most natural thing be so exhausting and challenging??

I did not know about Hareem Sumbul at that time..it was on another group that i posted i query anonymously and the admin told me about Hareem. My first question to her was why i felt something was not ok with the latch this was after i had spent a big amount getting consultation from midwife ..a totally futile effort as she did not tell me anything I hadn’t known earlier…

This group was under formation at that time perhaps…but Hareem was very very supportive..even at the wee hours. Her tips helped me and most importantly encouraged me and made me think its all doable…

Fast forward…2 months later my MIL was shocked im still bfing my baby (there are 6 babies in the family and all were bottle fed) so it was a big achievement for me!!

4months into this journey..im still coping..still learning..reading all your posts and comments gives me strength and im totally loving this blessed time im having with my baby! And the cherry on top..im able to give some expressed milk to my 2yr old son too better late than never…

Alvina Basit

I m mother of cute lil baby girl . As I had emergency c section I was in extreme pain and confused. the day she was born I cant hold my baby to kiss to hug and people treated her poorly except my mommy which really kills me deep inside I had a guilt because I can’t delivered vaginally and now I m dependent on others ,even the staff of that hospital demotivated me by saying that you have inverted nipples at that I really don’t know what it is . She even told me that why don’t you prepared you nipples before delivery. it really disappoint me I was deep internally feeling like I am a bad mom .Then after 2 days when I came to my susral because of stitches where I have to stay for a week .That week as I have no idea about breastfeed and extreme pain feed my baby with formula .Then after 2 days my mom came and told me that your baby have severe jaundice as per experience and scold me why don’t you breastfeed her . On the very next day when we had her jaundice test done which was on 12 .then again I was so depressed I tried hard and hard to feed her . Then after 1 week when I reached my mommy’s home . I found out my baby is colic and after hour and hour of breastfeed also my mom pampered me that you will got tired give her. ended up with formula then I have found out this group by scrolling down .then I found a post of Hareem Sumbul in which she was asking about breastfeeding experience then I told her my problems she motivated me and gave me confidence which I have lost after my delivery . After following her advice I make my baby 90% on ebf Alhamdulilah . Now Mashallah my baby will turn 3 months tomorrow no more disappointment and really I am enjoying my breastfeeding journey just because of you hareem .lots of prayers for you .your motivational live sessions give us courage and confidence. thank you very much hareem for this group and your advices


30 Years| Mother of an almost 4 month old

Love the group for the support, knowledge & sanitised content. It is very well moderated with to the point information.

So some three months ago; I got started on the parenting journey. I had not read up anything on the breastfeeding bit but had a faint resolve at the back of my mind that I want to ebf. And so I had said to my friends & colleagues. I was stocked up on breast pads & had not even carried a bottle to the hospital because i was cent percent sure that I had to only ebf!

On 18th March, Ahad was born via c section. Before my operation; I had asked for skin to skin with the baby immediately post op but it did not happen. When the nurses brought Ahad for first feeding, nothing happened NA DA & therefore, he was given his first bottle. I was too cut up, bruised & sleepy to argue. By night; no milk had come (just some drops of colostrum which I knew from my reading is sufficient); I was crying because I thought i won’t be able to bf & my mom was insisting on formula. Only one nurse was helpful & proficient technique wise. Eventually; during his hospital stay; Ahad only had mostly formula. Once home, same happened. Inverted nipples, lack of technique, incessant crying meant I was about to give up & go into depression. Ahad also lost more than okay weight in his first visit which made my anxiety heighten.

That is when I came across Hareem who has literally been my lactation fairy god mother. Through her constant encouragement, late night phone calls and general pep up, I was able to ebf & now I am a happy lactating mama! She is the one who coached me on concepts like going cold turkey on formula, demand & supply, comfortable positions, required dietary intake & much much more!

This post is a thank you to this amazing woman who free of cost & without knowing me helped me give a healthy start to my baby!

Bisma Zaki

27 years old | mother to a 3 month old Alhamdulillah.

I was searching for Answers about my struggle about bf on another group (Babies and bumps) where a friend suggested me this group and my my, am i grateful to her. I posted my query And Hareem Helped me and with in three days the thing i was stressing over so freaking much was solved. I prayed for Hareem so much Because everyone around me was suggesting me to switch my lil one to formula totally and then she came and fixed it.

I was Covid Positive And had to stay separated from My LO for straight 22 days i was pumping but covid took a toll on me and i was mostly tired couldn’t keep up with pumping and my flow went down drastically, on like 19th day i tried pumping and there were only droplets everytime. My Lo was fine with formula so everyone suggested to not stress he can be shifted to formula entirely but how can a mother rob her child from his birth right? Worried i posted on B&B then came here and Posted it here 2 hours later my post was approved And hareem not only suggested me a solution (Power pumping) Her way was so loving And caring it gave hope. I tried And Tried and my flow came back Alhamdulillah when i Deisolated I started my LO on Ebf again and he was pretty satisfied Everytime Alhamdulillah… All thanks to hareem. Now this group is my go to place for every lil worry or question i have about my baby’s nutrition and bf.

Mariyum Asif

I love this group how it specifically answers each and everyones query step by step. Keeping it very precise and to the point and based on science (No myths).

I have been a silent member here. My baby was a month old when I joined this group and he was clusterfeeding, I was at my wits end. Wanted to introduce formula to him so bad, for my own peace of mind. Being a first time mother the responsibility of a baby is already very overwhelming so many changes all happening at once. There was no affection towards the baby, only agitation and frustration. This group made me fall in love with my baby again, It made me realize that only I can provide him with the best nourishment on this planet and how harmful even a drop of formula can be. It boosted my confidence. And I realized as soon as I happily accepted this, the bonding between me and my baby got so much more stronger. Can’t thank this group and its admin enough. Keep up the good work you guys. May God Bless you abundantly

Hafsa Siddiqui

You’re doing an amazing job Hareem Sumbul. This group is a blessing. The way you help mothers unconditionally is so rare nowadays. May Almighty give you lots and lots of ajar.

Thank God I found this group on time. Lots of prayers for you

Yusra Ansari

This group has helped me soo much, Alhumdulillah a 1000 times I am exclusively breastfeeding my 4 month old baby girl!

Naveera Syed

I can never thankyou enough for helping me. For making me understand the way journey of bf works I was on the verge of mental breakdown when told my milk wasn’t enough, but you were there to help me out. More power to you.

Afshi Zahoor

Tons of love to you Hareem Sumbul as I’ve already told u that u are a GEM without taking your online consultation session Alhamdulilah I am now successfully and pain-freely breastfeeding my 2nd baby..

Even though I was told several times afterI delivered my 1st baby that I cannot be able to breastfeed my baby as I have flat nipple issue…

Alhamdulilah doing great this time just because of this group and all the knowledge and help I gained from this group..!!!

And yessss my experience can now shout out loud that KNOWLEDGE IS THE KEY..

may Allah bless you.

Krista Leighann Wyatt

You are so wonderful for what you do! My baby was in nicu for 9 days and I was struggling with my supply. As a first time mom, breast feeding was so new to me and I had no clue what I was doing. I reach out for help and the advice I received has allowed me to be successful in my breastfeeding journey! My girl is 25 days old and has been ebf since her discharge from nicu and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much for all you do! You and this group have been a god send.

Afreen Nafees

Had a one on one consultation with Hareem Sumbul. Thanks for being so friendly and addressing all my concerns. Feeling relieved and a little more confident about this journey with my bub!

Syeda Aniqa

Hareem you’re doing such an amazing job ❤ i pray from the core of my heart that you will have whatever you want in this world and after this world.

I am breastfeeding my bub just because of you, no one literally no support me in this journey but only you

Allah apko bhttt bhtt khushyan dikhayen apne pyaron k sath ameen

Karen Gallamoza

This group has helped me so much. I wanted to give up BF after a week due to sore and bleeding nipples and i couldnt do the latch properly, i actually dreaded BF and i was always terrified when she wakes up for a feed because i knew i’d be in so much pain again… but this group has improved my knowledge and inspired me to continue BF. I am proud that my baby is very healthy and we’ve learned to do the perfect latch.. no more pains, no more tears, BF is a breeze. Thank you to you and the modmins.

Heather Fredricks Green

I would’ve quit breastfeeding 6 weeks ago if it wasn’t for you & this page


You do an amazing service for this group! With everything that you suggest for others on increasing supply I have followed and have attempted for myself as well! I thought I was drinking enough liquids but didn’t know that the goal is a gallon a day. I went from 4-8 cups of liquids a day to 3 quarts to a gallon with half of it being water and the other half being a medley of juice, flavored water, and milk. Also been eating oatmeal for breakfast daily! Supply went from just being able to feed baby for 80% of the day to being able to fulfill baby’s needs and pumping 3-8 oz extra for the day

Sarah Bilal

From getting pregnant to giving birth to raising a child, nothing can compare the trauma a woman goes through when she chooses to breastfeed.

The women of my family had been mentally preparing me for breastfeeding my child but I never thought it would be this challenging.

And then, when you’re on the verge of giving up, people like hareem come into your life and change your whole perspective. There is so much misinformation regarding breastfeeding. From the famous ‘pait nahin bharta’ to doodh nahin aya toh agey bhi nahin ayega to ‘bottle dedo’. People will drive you to the edge of a mental breakdown so when i say i have newfound respect and admiration for hareem and all the lactation consultants in the world will be an understatement.

She has helped me and so many other women like me who needed to exclusively breastfeed their children. I wish i found her earlier but i am glad i did, when i did.

Thank you, hareem. For everything that you do. Wishing you nothing but the best.


Hello  hope you’re doing well!  I’m not here with a query but I just wanted to thank you for the amazing, amazing support you’re providing to each one of us, my little one is about to be 5 months old and Alhamdulillah she’s doing great ❤ there are so many people who said “bachay ka payt nhy bherta hoga” or “raat ko to dabbay wala doodh de diya kro warna bacha araam se kaisay soyai ga” but I never gave up I continued breastfeeding becoz this group kept me so motivated and inshaAllah I’ll continue…and I’m so happy that I could find this group and you may Allah reward you for this.. ameen Thankyou sm.