Supporting Mothers & Nurturing Families

We are a group of trained volunteers dedicated to supporting breastfeedingmums and their families

Our Journey

The Lactnation Fund came into being in April 2020 as the only Global Public Breastfeeding Support group originating from Pakistan. The need was ascertained by Hareem Sumbul, the founder clocking in over 18 hours of volunteer services to mothers in need per day for nearly two years by then. It then expanded to being Pakistan’s largest Breastfeeding Support Group to date crossing 20,000 members in less than a year.

The aim of LactNation is to provide support to mothers in their breastfeeding journey in absence of any medical or social support through this very important phase postpartum where it is essential for their children to be breastfed as their first source of nourishment for at least their first year of life and as long as the mother and child desire.


We aspire to support allowing breastfeeding to be the first preference for women around the world by ensuring that lactation education and awareness is so widespread that all facets of the human society revert to being the village needed to raise healthy and robust generations.


We promote Breastfeeding and Women and Children’s Health associated with it by Supporting mothers, Educating Medical Professionals and Advocating Breastfeeding in the public space so we can move the needle on infant mortality rate and raise healthier generations.

We offer training for mothers, families and healthcare professionals knowledge

Essentials for Protection of new born baby

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