Caesarean Section and Breastfeeding

Caesarean Section and Breastfeeding

Caesarean Section and Breastfeeding

I had my only child through a Caesarean Section.
My mother had both of us via a Caesarean Section.

She could not breastfeed me at all and breastfed my younger sister for nearly 6 months only.

She had zero support. My Nani had had her last child over 30 years before then. It’s enough to forget the fine print.

I breastfed my daughter for three straight years.

The first time she questioned the use of a baby bottle was when it came with one of her toy dolls. She didn’t even know what this was.

At 6 months she started drinking water straight from the glass. Later. Even milk.

She also has a favourite Sippy cup but honestly, I feel that’s just for the security that she can be a little careless and throw it around. At three she very comfortably weaned herself off of breastfeeding.

There is a misconception around C section births that there is difficulty in nursing immediately or the colostrum is not good enough, or somehow the mother isn’t able to produce milk.

These are all WRONG.

Yes. Natural birth initiates and supports breastfeeding initiation a lot (TRUCKLOADS) more than C section but that does not mean that C section babies need to be fed formula at first or somehow their colostrum or milk production in any way is less than that of a mother that gave birth vaginally.

ALL new-born babies have a stomach the size of a cherry.

ALL mothers irrespective of the process of birth, produce little colostrum the first few days and that is ALL your child needs. (Milk secretion is initiated by the surge of hormones that is a result of the act of delivering the placenta from the mother’s body, not HOW she delivers.)

If you introduce formula at that time you sabotage your breastfeeding journey before it even begins.

Formula changes the environment of a child’s gut and stomach and directly affects its digestion capability.

The baby’s first week on the breast is crucial. Starting from a couple of hours into birth.

Educate yourself instead of perpetuating unconfirmed, hearsay. Educate yourself while you are pregnant so you can troubleshoot YOURSELF if you hit a wall.
Educate yourself so you can help others around you instead of misguiding them into unnecessary anxiety.