Comfort Feeding

Comfort Feeding

Comfort Feeding

How many of us have heard this term? Or used it ourselves to describe our babies nursing frequently and mostly through the night.

Let’s talk anatomically / physiologically first.
Your new baby NEEDS to nurse often.

It is essential for their rapid growth that they nurse and get your body going in to producing more and increasing Breastmilk supply.
They MUST feed regularly. That is called cluster feeding. Not comfort feeding.

“But my child only needs the boob in her mouth, doesn’t drink”

“My child doesn’t sleep without a boob in her mouth”

“I have spoiled my child. She will never be independent”

To which usually my answer is have you ever seen a child off to university with bags of frozen breastmilk or missing mama’s boob in their mouth while they cry themselves to sleep the first night at their dorm?

Nope? Didn’t think so either.

Cuddling release happiness hormones.
It not only helps the child in healthy brain development it even helps a mother with better hormonal balance, with Post Partum Depression, with Contractions to ensure the uterus properly cleans itself, Post-Partum healing and even Breastmilk production.

This baby in the picture won’t happen if you begin abandoning your child as an infant in fear of spoiling them. They won’t see you as a space to come and unwind.

Hell, if you ask me, I want my teenager to be able to come home and cuddle with me like this. Dot. We all want an open heartfelt relationship with our kids as they grow?

Comfort is not a bad thing. It’s a GOOD thing. Keep the comfort coming.

It is healthy for baby. It is healthy for mama.

So mamas. Hold your babies for as long as you possibly can and fear not that you’ll spoil them.  Soon they will outgrow your lap but they must never outgrow your heart.

What your cuddles will give them today will bless them with a low anxiety, calm, secure, confident and independent life